Protect Lucas's Farm

Defeat Red Snail (5)

Defeat Blue Snail (5)

Defeat Snail (5)

Talk to Lucas

Quest Start

So you've sent Maria the letter. Thank you. Actually, the letter Maria wrote reads something like this.
Recently there's been a sudden increase of snails around town. At first, none of us worried about them, until they started destroying our farms here and there. At this pace, we may have a big problem when we start harvesting. Any ideas? - Maria
So, on the letter I wrote for her, I wrote this.
I just found a great solution to this matter. Don't worry. - Lucas
Hmm... you look like someone who's dying to know what that plan is.
The master plan I have is this. I think it's a great idea.
It's the story of a soon-to-be-legendary traveler who decides to save Amherst from its troubles and leaves the town a savior! The people in town will benefit greatly from your work, and your reputation will be flawless. What do you think? Isn't that a great idea?
That's right! I hope you can go around Amherst and defeat 5 each of Snail, Blue Snail, and Red Snail. Thank you.
Really? That's not good. There's a lot of helpful tips you may need for your journey down the road that will be available with this job. What a shame...

Quest Complete

Let me check and see how well you've done your job.
That's great. You've just taken the first step towards becoming a legendary adventurer. This is a reward for your job well done. This is the worker glove I wore while growing vegetables in the farm during my days as a traveler myself.