Cleaning Up The Streets

Defeat Electrophant (200)

Defeat Gryphon (200)

Talk to Lita Lawless

Quest Start

Hiya Sport! I'm the new sheriff in town. You ready for some law and order?

  1. Only if I get to help enforce it!
  2. Law? Order? Please. You couldn't tame a fly. I'm leaving!
That's the attitude that got me where I am today! Ok, I'm Lita Lawless, and with your help, I'm going to corral this town into a crime-free zone.
I know how the devious monster mind works, having trained as a thief for many years. So, you're going to have to wipe out 200 of two types-I believe Electrophants and Gryphons should prove a suitable test of your skills! Take your time and report back when you're done! I've got something just for your class!
Grumpy little thing, aren't you?

Quest Complete

OUTSTANDING! I knew you were special the second I looked at you.

  1. I have a question. So... you were a Thief?
The very best. I trained under the Dark Lord's watchful eye for many years. Once you train past a certain point, fighting becomes second nature.

  1. How did the Dark Lord let you leave? I've never heard of that before...
It's a long story, but The Dark Lord allowed me to leave if I touched him once with my weapon. It's much different from fighting his clone, his speed and multiple techniques are incredible. The fight was a true test of my was a stroke of luck that let me touch him. I promised to help others train as he helped me.

  1. Did Icebyrd have anything to do with that?
In a way, yes. He showed me that my destiny is here, in New Leaf City, and to a greater extent, Masteria. It's a brave new world out there...and I want to know where my fate lies. Ok. End of the story. It's time to get paid for your work!
Here's your class reward, as promised. I'm proud of you! You can come and see me anytime you wish perform your duty as a citizen of New Leaf City!