Subani's Legacy - Discovery

Defeat Killa Bee (50)

Defeat Mighty Maple Eater (30)

Defeat Fire Tusk (40)

Talk to John Barricade

Quest Start

Hey. Got a sec?
Then you've come to the right place! Name's John Barricade, one half of the world-famous Barricade Bros. Treasure Hunting Co. I've been trying to explore the Temple Hive, but I haven't got that far in. But with your help, I think we can make a push to discover some treasure...First, I'll need you to clear the area. Wipe out 50 Killa Bees, 30 Mighty Maple Eaters and 40 Fire Tusks. After that, head back to me and we'll get some real work done. Hop to it, kid!
It's called "distinct fashion sense". And I wouldn't talk if I were you...

Quest Complete

Great work, kid! Ready to hear about the treasure?

  1. Ok, what else have you discovered?
Well, it's a pretty long list. I always liked history, even when I was a kid. All my other subjects were ok, but I always got straight A's in History-probably because my dad would kick my butt if I didn't. That what happens when you grow up with an archeologist for a father.

  1. What about your family?
You must mean my brother, Jack Barricade. We've agreed to something that I'll tell you about a bit later, but essentially, he's looking for something in Aqua Road, and I'm searching here.

  1. Ok, you still haven't told me what was the first thing you discovered?
Oh, sorry. It happens sometimes. After college, my brother and I concluded that the only way to live forever was to find the Fountain of Youth. It took 3 years, but we finally found it!

  1. NO WAY!

  1. That's awesome!
We thought so too, but man we made a lot of businesses mad with that one...
Ok, let's get going. Clear a path, come on back and let's figure out this mystery.