Stranger's Request

Collect Broken Mirror Glass (20)

Quest Start

Man, why is it so cold here??? Um, hey ... do you know where Dr. Naora is, by any chance? Today's the day I get these bandages off, but I can't see anything. I need to see if the surgery went right. Well, if you got time, can you help me out??
Wow, thanks a lot. I need to get these bandages off and look at myself in the mirror, but there seems to be no mirror around here. I heard that Wild Boar, that live in the mountains, may give out Broken Mirror Glass. Please get me 20 Broken Mirror Glasss, I'll greatly appreciate it. By the way, why is it so cold around here????
............ I guess that's a no. Why is it so darn cold around here?? And where is Dr. Naora??

Quest Complete