Rain's Maple Quiz 1

Talk to Rain

Quest Start

Hello there! I think you're still having trouble adjusting to life in Maple World. I'm going to be giving you a brief rundown on this place, then will give you a Maple Quiz. Once you answer them all correct, I'll be giving you a small present as a sign of appreciation, something that'll come in handy here. What do you think? Do you want to take a crack at The Maple Quiz?
Hehe ... I'll have to warn you, don't underestimate the questions for the quiz. There's still a lot to learn about this place, you know. Well, I'll give you a quick rundown on the quiz. It'll be very quick, so you better listen carefully, because it'll all be on the quiz.
Have you tried hunting there at the hunting ground? What key did you press to attack the monsters? Didn't you press Ctrl for attack and Alt to jump? And you did press z to pick up the items, right? You can also use the Key Config, located on the bottom right corner of the game, to recalibrate the buttons to your liking. Phew, I guess I got too carried away with the explanations. You'll be picking up these in no time at the Maple Island.
Now here's a brief description on the most important part of the game, the Job Advancement. To become a more powerful traveler, you'll need to have a job. To obtain a job, you'll have to leave this place, the Maple Island, and head over to Victoria Island instead.
You'll need to be at least at level 10 to become either a Warrior, a Bowman, a Thief, or a Pirate. To become a Magician, however, you'll need to be only at level 8. Each occupation has its pluses and minuses so choose carefully.
I didn't tell you EVERYTHING you'll need to know for the quiz, so please make sure to focus for the quiz. Now, shall we get this started?
Are you worried you're still a beginner in MapleStory? Hmmm ... even with that, you'll be learning a lot through my Maple Quiz. You should at least try it!!

Quest Complete

What do you press to open up the item inventory?

  1. I
  2. K
  3. S
  4. E
That's right!! To open up the item inventory, you press I.